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Distribution Reinvestment Program

Unitholder Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Chartwell Retirement Residences Distribution Reinvestment Plan (the "Plan") allows Unitholders to use their monthly cash distributions to steadily increase ownership without incurring any commission or other transaction costs. Unitholders who are Canadian residents and beneficial holders of one Unit or more are eligible to participate.

To encourage participation, eligible investors registered in the Plan will receive additional bonus Units in an amount equal to 3% of their distributions which they have elected to reinvest, which amount will be paid in the form of additional Units.

The right to receive the bonus Units is being provided for no additional consideration, including no commission or transaction fees applied in respect of Units purchased through the Plan. This represents a compelling reason to enroll in the Plan and increase ownership in Chartwell Retirement Residences.

To register for the Plan, please contact your investment advisor.

Many frequently asked questions are answered below. An electronic version of the Unitholder Distribution Reinvestment Plan is also available below, which includes an authorization form to send to your investment advisor to enroll in the Plan. Unitholders are encouraged to carefully read the full details of the Plan before enrolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Distribution Reinvestment Plan?

The Plan allows Unitholders of Chartwell Retirement Residences to have their monthly cash distributions reinvested in additional Units. In addition, Unitholders registered in the Plan will receive bonus Units amounting to 3% of their monthly distributions reinvested in Units, which amount shall be paid in the form of additional Units.

What is the effective price for which I receive my Units?

Unitholders registered in the Plan will receive their Units at the volume weighted average closing price for Chartwell Retirement Residences Units on the Toronto Stock Exchange for the five trading days immediately preceding the distribution date.

What are the benefits to enrolling in the Plan?

Unitholders enrolling in the Plan can steadily increase their ownership of Chartwell Retirement Residences on a convenient monthly basis. You pay no commissions or brokerage fees because Units are acquired directly from Chartwell Retirement Residences. You also receive additional bonus Units representing 3% of each distribution reinvested pursuant to the Plan.

Who administers the Plan?

The Plan is administered on behalf of Chartwell by Computershare Trust Company (the "Agent").

Will I receive a report of my purchases under the Plan?

Your units are credited to your account by your broker. The monthly statements you receive from your broker will show units credited to your account each month. Please consult your investment advisor or broker for additional information.

Are there any tax consequences of enrolling in the Plan?

Chartwell Retirement Residences encourages you to seek advice relating to the tax consequences of enrolling in the Plan from your tax advisor.

When can I join the Plan?

If you are a Canadian resident and you beneficially own a minimum of one unit, you can join the Plan at any time. If your authorization form is received at least two business days before the record date of a distribution, the cash from that distribution will be invested in the Plan.

How do I terminate my participation in the Plan?

You can terminate your participation in the Plan at any time by advising your investment dealer.

Who can join the Plan?

Any Unitholder who beneficially holds one Unit or more on a Distribution Record Date and is a resident of Canada is eligible to join the Plan.

How do I enroll in the Plan?

Simply contact your investment advisor or broker and request enrollment in the Chartwell Retirement Residences DRIP. For your reference, a copy of the DRIP authorization form and the DRIP can be found at the links below:

Click for a copy of the Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Click for a DRIP Authorization Form

Click Here to receive more information from Chartwell Retirement Residences