Industry Fundamentals
Demand for seniors housing is strong, driven by an aging population, increased life expectancy, and a marketplace that is wealthier and more informed than ever before.

Chartwell is a leader in a fragmented Canadian seniors housing industry with a well-respected brand and a diverse portfolio that provides a continuum of care to all segments of an aging population.

Positive Demographics
Over the next twenty years, the number of Canadians aged 75 and 85 will increase at a rate three to four times greater than the general population. The baby-boom generation is just beginning to enter their retirement years, and will generate growing demand for retirement homes that meet their particular needs.
Increased Life Expectancy
Advances in health care and quality of life are increasing seniors' life expectancy and thus creating demand for a range of new services. Today's seniors are choosing a lifestyle that offers more independence with care and support available when needed. At Chartwell, we offer a complete spectrum of communities and services tailored to meet the needs of today's most discerning senior.
A Well Informed Market
Today's seniors are generally wealthier than ever before, and much more informed about the range of retirement living options available to them. At Chartwell we understand the needs of today's seniors and their families, and provide accommodation our residents are proud to call home.
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