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Corporate Governance

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Chartwell is committed to sound corporate governance practices and transparent financial disclosure. Chartwell’s Board of Directors is comprised of six independent Directors and the President and CEO. All Board Committees are comprised exclusively of independent Directors, and all of Chartwell’s Directors own REIT Units.

Annual Information Form2/22/2018
Declaration of Trust7/11/2017
Investment Committee Charter3/5/2018
Compensation, Governance and Nominating Committee Charter3/5/2018
Audit Committee Charter5/9/2018
Position Description for the Chair of the Board3/5/2018
Board Charter3/5/2018
Notice of Annual Meeting of Unitholders and Information Circular4/12/2018
Unitholder's Rights Plan5/17/2018
Majority Voting Policy3/5/2018
Advanced Notice Policy
Chartwell's advance notice policy is addressed in Chartwell's Declaration of Trust (currently the Fourteen Amended and Restated Declaration of Trust dated May 4, 2017), and more particularly: Article 9 - Appointment, Resignation and Removal of Trustees, and Article 13 - Meeting of Unitholders.

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